Remain in control when the power goes off.

Tora Power Systems

The MODEL T550 Power Supply was specially designed to provide 115VAC, 3.5 amps back-up power for operating motorized security rolling doors, shutters, and awnings in the event of a power outage.

The self-contained battery powered portable unit is housed in an attractive composite enclosure which compliments most commercial or residential decors. It comes with a fully automatic charging circuit to assure that the internal battery is always ready for a power outage situation.

A built in light guides the user through the darkness to the shutter switch. A UL listed cord, Model UPC6, is included for connecting the power supply to the shutter switch.


  • Portable
  • Easy To Operate
  • Operates Up To 18 Shutters On A Single Charge
  • Complete Re-Charge In 12 Hours Or Less
  • Attractive Wall Switches
  • 12 Month Warranty, Plus A 5 Year Battery Replacement Program
  • Easy To Retrofit Existing Systems
  • Inexpensive
  • U/L Listed Wall Pack Power Supply
  • Patented



  • Powerful, compact unit
  • Built-in 8 watt lamp to help in lights-out situation
  • Self contained single phase power source to open and close115VAC, 60Hz, rolling shutters, doors or awnings during power failure
  • Built-in, long life, sealed lead-acid battery
  • Self contained wall pack plug in battery charger
  • Automatic battery under voltage shutdown-saves battery from damage
  • Current limited charging, taper charge and "float" maintenance at charged state
  • Charging indicators:
    RED for charging;
    GREEN for charge finish;
    STEADY on when being maintained in full-charge (float) condition
  • Automatic overload inverter protection for users safety
  • Automatic thermal overheat protection for electronic circuitry