Choose exterior Rolling Screens for more robust sun control or for screen porch applications.

Big Energy Savings

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In summer months, our exterior mount Retractable Screens can reduce inside air temperatures by 27° (15° C). This greatly reduces cooling loads and saves considerable energy and money - up to 50% lower capacity is needed and energy consumption can be lowered up to 60%. Further savings can be realized by using an automated control mechanisms to regulate the positions of the screens according to the time of day and weather conditions.

The Habitat Screen System is installed on the exterior of any glass area with direct exposure to the sun. The fabrics are held in place with a unique edge retention system, which has been carefully engineered to functional reliably, even in high winds.

This system is ideal for porch areas where insect screening is needed only at certain times. A retractable screening system is self storing and can be manually operated or motor operated.

Fabrics: Mermet Satine and Natte for sun control and Phifer Suntex 80 and Suntex 90 for pet friendly insect screening.