Somfy Home Automation, Shade and Shutter Systems
Control Your Window Treatments, Awnings, Screens and Rolling Shutters with a Smartphone, Tablet, or Controller with Home Automation.

Home Automation

Take convenience to the next level with our Somfy automation and control products. Integrating easily with popular home automation systems on the market, you will be able to effortlessly control your shades, shutters, blinds, awnings, screens, lighting, H/VAC, security and A/V with one system and from wherever you may be.


On vacation and realized a few of your shutters are still open?  Effortlessly close them from wherever you are for peace of mind. See a storm headed towards your summer home?  With a simple tap you can close all your motorized rolling shutters to secure and protect your home from damage.


Is the sun beating down a bit too much? Operate your motorized awning from the comfort of your deck chair to block the sun and enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the pleasant shade. At work and realized you left your motorized exterior screens up? With a simple tap of the myLink app, you can close all your exterior screens to block the sun and save energy.





Controls & Accessories


Retractable Awnings come standard with manual gear operators however, you may wish to motorize your awning or integrate your awning into your home automation system.


We feature Somfy motors and components – UL approved.


Options include automated operation with wind and/or sun sensors and remote controls.

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Eolis Wind Sensor

The Eolis retracts your awning when it detects damaging winds and can operated via the Telis remote or Dekoflex wireless wall switch providing push-button control.


Sunis Sun Sensor

The Sunis will automatically adjust the retractable screens in accordance to preprogrammed sunlight sensitivity and/or room temperature.


Solaris Sensor

The Solaris is a combination wind and sun sensor. When the sun shines, your awning will extend to provide shade and comfor and will automatically retract when the weather turns cloudy or windy.


Heater Bar

Outdoor Patio and Deck Infrared heater enables you to spend more time enjoying your awning and outdoor living space. It can be operated with the same control used for the motorized awnings.

Battery Backup

A self-contained battery powered portable unit is specially designed to provide 115VAC, 3.5 amps back-up power for operating motorized security rolling doors, shutters, and awnings in the event of a power outage.


Tells Remote

Enjoy remote control convenience of your awning with the simple push of a button inside or outside your home. The remote is compatible with all of Somfy’s RTS motor and controls and is available in single or four channel models.


Dekoflex Wireless Wall Switch

A wireless radio switch compatible with all RTS motors and receivers, it will operate window coverings at a distance with no wiring needed. They are available in single or four channel models.

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When you are ready, we will schedule a consultation at your home or office. If you are in one of our full service areas, there is no fee charged. Otherwise, we will assist you in product specification and installation design remotely.


We will produce a detailed proposal and review this with you so you know exactly the scope of the work proposed and the contract price.


We work as a team so our collective years of expertise can be put to work for you, every time you need us.

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