20 Oct A Rare Cluster of Cyclones was Captured by a Satellite

Michael Le Page Five named tropical storms were present in the Atlantic on 14 September—only the second time this has happened since records began. The image here shows all five, plus tropical storm Karina in the Pacific. Most remained at sea, but Sally, which intensified into...

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European Rolling Shutter, Shade and Shutter Systems

03 Sep European Rolling Shutters

European Rolling Shutters are highly effective cost savings products with the added value of security and storm protection. Americans select window treatments for privacy, energy efficiency, and light control. However, the majority of the interior window treatments chosen in the U.S. don’t work efficiently. Mini...

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31 Oct Massachusetts BBRS to Drop Windborne Debris Zone Requirement

Massachusetts Board of Building Regulations and Standards is proposing to drop current requirements for opening protection in windborne debris zones. If adopted in the 9th edition of the code, the change will take place immediately with no concurrency period with the 8th edition requirements. Here...

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