Shade and Shutter Systems
Transform Any Outdoor Space with Our Retractable Sun Structures

Self-supporting and low maintenance, our Retractable Sun Structures are ideal for locations that require unusual shading and/or waterproof solutions. Create a lasting impression and a cool, relaxed mood.


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The Gennius is capable of covering decks, patios and huge pavilions. Perfect for residential or commercial applications, the Gennius is a complete modular system that protects your guests from the elements.

Combining charm and elegance, the Gennius will provide the warmth and comfort of an additional room.

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Pinnacle Two


The Pinnacle Two comes without front legs for easy mounting on to an existing pergola or roof structure. The tension driven pulley system ensures taut fabric coverage while the cassette protects fabric against the elements when retracted.


Primary applications: pergolas, skylights, glass roofs.


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