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Interior Window Treatment Description

Conventional interior window coverings such as curtains, drapes, roller blinds, and venetian blinds are used primarily to control light and heat transmission into a home along with increasing privacy throughout the living space. All come in a wide variety of materials, weaves, fabrics, and colors. They are popular for their low cost, high level of user control, privacy, aesthetics, and comfort.

Specialty Treatments

Roman, Cellular, Panel Track, pleated, and sheer shades offer unique combinations of aesthetics and function. Each can be selected for a huge range of configurations, colors, fabric type, and weight. Roman shades are often made of heavier fabric to feature privacy and thermal performance. Pleated shades are simpler and more economical versions of cellular shades with an extensive range of fabric selections. Sheer shades offer a wide range of aesthetics with a focus on softened view and glare control.

Versatility of Installation

Interior shades are an attractive and versatile option for a variety of indoor spaces, including rentals or leased properties. Because interior solar shades are easily installed from the inside, this makes them the perfect option for dwellings or offices that do not allow exterior products.

Not only do interior solar shades prevent excessive light and heat from coming in; they also offer privacy in your home or office. Especially in rooms that are at ground level, near neighboring structures, or close to commonly-traveled walkways, solar shades help you control what comes in as well as what goes out.

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