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Luxury Louvered Pergola Patio Covers are fully adjustable, rotating louvers which provide you protection from sun, rain and wind. Made of 100% aluminum, more durable and maintenance free than fabric awnings. Perfect over any pergola, outdoor kitchen or poolside.  Solar-powered motor operation.


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Luxury Louver
Pergola System


Our luxury louvered pergola cover system maximizes comfort, and keeps the party going. The adjustable louvers patio cover will rotate 130 degrees, meaning you remain comfortable and dry outside regardless of the weather. Our attractive shelters can be free-standing, attached to wall structure or placed atop any existing pergola designs.


Expand your living space and extend your outdoor season.

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Luxury Louver
Pergola Cover


Our luxury louvered pergola awning system is a perfect addition to your existing pergola. Our Product Specialists and Expert Installers can adapt our system to almost any design. We will work with you, and your architect or builder, to create the perfect solution to your outdoor space. Call us today and learn more about how we can help.


You can plan a party but you can’t plan the weather.

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Louvered Patio Cover Components

Louvered Awning Patio Covers are built to last and thrive in breezy locations. The posts, beams, louvers and rafters are 100% extruded aluminum and are electrostatic powder coated for extended life, durability, weather and salt air resistance.  

They are also made in the U.S.A.

Patio Cover Beams
Patio Cover Columns
Louvered Awning Louvers

Choose from 3 Standard Colors

Patio Cover Standard Colors

Louvered Patio Cover Product Information

Louvered Patio Cover

Louvered Awning Systems weighs 1.87lbs per square foot (top only)

Louvered Awning System unit can be engineered and built up to 180 mph wind-load and up to 80lbs per square foot snow-load

Luxury Louvered Roof

Louvered Awning System rafters can be connected or assembled endlessly (rafters have been installed up to 100 ft.)

Louvered Awning Systems can easily be designed to “fit” any structure. (e.g., wood, aluminum, vinyl, etc.)

Rotating Louver Patio Cover

Louvers are available in 2ft increments beginning at 10′ and ending at 24′.

Louvered Awning System’s post, beam, louver and rafter are 100% extruded aluminum and are electrostatic powder coated in 3 standard colors. They are also made in the U.S.A.

Louvered Awnings with Integrated Gutter System

Standard rain gutters can be put on the rafter at the end of the sloping louvers that only overhang 1” to catch the water if needed.  Our Traditional Louvered Awning Systems comes with a Fascia Style Gutter to achieve the box look. On an attached cover it is a 3 sided fascia gutter and on a free standing cover it is a 4 sided fascia gutter. Water drainage can be achieved by pitching the entire system to the desired direction. 

The Traditional Louvered Awning System will be engineered for the louvers to overhang the rafter by 1″ to shed water into the gutter.

The Pergola Style Louvered Awning System will be engineered for the louvers to overhand the rafter by  up to 24″, making it necessary in some cases to order an extra rafter for support. 90 degree prefabricated corners come with the system.

Louvered Awning with Gutter
Patio Cover with Gutter
Pergola with Gutter

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