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14 Sep Hurricane Protection Technology

Hurricane Protection: Current and Emerging Technology The science of hurricane protection has evolved significantly over the past decade, fueled by an intensely destructive period of hurricane activity. The decade of 1996 to 2005 was the one of the most destructive decades in the last century with total hurricane...

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European Rolling Shutter, Shade and Shutter Systems

03 Sep European Rolling Shutters

European Rolling Shutters are highly effective cost savings products with the added value of security and storm protection. Americans select window treatments for privacy, energy efficiency, and light control. However, the majority of the interior window treatments chosen in the U.S. don’t work efficiently. Mini...

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Hurricane Captured from NASA, Hurricane Protection

19 Aug Hurricane Wind

Hurricane Wind Scale and How to Protect your Home Did you know that we have storm protection based directly on the Hurricane Wind Scale? It's not by accident. Almost all of our product line is specifically designed to meet or exceed the Miami-Dade County High Velocity Hurricane...

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